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About me, Pedro Braga


My name is Pedro Henrique Braga, and I'm a Game Designer/Developer.

Welcome to my website!

I'm autistic AND an introvert, with a passion for creating things that people like.

Throughout the years I've been studying many areas for many different projects...

My first languages were HTML/CSS/JS (in fact, I made this whole website myself!)
Yeah, yeah, calm down girls, one at a time.

Then I adventured into C++, Python, and found my current love, GDSCript.

Programming is how I can create new worlds and bring them to this world.
You can see more about that in the CODE section :)

Shortly after, I began drawing, too, because I had few friends and lots of free time.
(Also, it's a great way of bringing fuzzy concepts into a tangible state.)

So, besides my programming skills, meta and cheesy humour, and my british accent,
We're bound to have a great time together.

So, Look Around the place!

Feel at home!

And if you like me, send me an email.

Sincerely, Pedro Braga.